Autumn 2020

Garden Meditation Classes

In these morning meditation sessions, we will sit together with the pine tree and meditate to help settle the scattered or disturbed mind and bring focus, clarity, and peace to the week ahead. Being in the garden is a safe way to come together and support each other. We will practice a different meditation each week.

Monday's, 11am, Spring Hill, Lincoln 

To book contact: 07999857072

Fee: £5.00

Online Meditation Classes 

This series of meditation classes is based on the text written by Patanjali Maharishi, an Indian Sage, and thought to be author of the Yoga Sutras. These classes do not require any previous meditation experience but can be a supportive practice to those who are current Yoga and meditation practitioners of all traditions and those who wish to make mediation a part of their daily life. The session is 45 Mins and is broken down into 3 x 15 parts: 

1.Warm up and Sutra 

2. Pranyama practice - Pranayama is the fourth of the eight limbs of yoga as defined by Patanjali. It provides a vital bridge between the body and the mind. By understanding and regulating the breath, one can gain mastery of the mind. 

3. Meditation practice - The definition of meditation (or yoga) by Patanjali is stilling of the fluctuations of the mind. 

Wednesday Evening's, 19.30 - 20.15

To book visit:

Fee: £5.00

11am Sky Channel 680 - A moment of Calm with Atma

Join Atma on Sky TV for a moment of Calm, bi weekly meditation session suitable for beginners and practitioners alike. 

The next sessions are: 

10th & 24th September 2020

Private Classes 

Private yoga and meditation sessions are insightful, informative, practical and provide a personalized introduction to support you to develop a greater understanding of yoga and the many benefits including: self-awareness and  reflection, stress reduction, deepening your practice and connection to your breathing. The private class is based entirely on your needs. These sessions can be held online or in person at our private woodland in Lincolnshire.  


£25.00 1hr Online

£50.00 1.5hr  Private Woodland

To book contact: 07999857072


Personal Consultation 

Inspired by the teachings in kriya yoga, the art of numerology and macrobiotics to explore your self-experience and identify sattvic cooking, kriya, pranayama and mediation practices to empower your path forward. We will discuss your personal numerology reading and then consider your overall wellbeing, health conditions, energy flow and levels, impact of stress on your body, ways of being and any life patterns. You will receive a 40-day practice of kriya yoga and meditation unique for your own profile and lifestyle/cooking suggestions to enable you to step forward and flourish.*optional: During the 40 day private access to support. 


£90.00 1hr  Online or In-person 

To book contact: 07999857072



Spring 2021

Will Be announced January 2021

Summer 2021

Will Be announced January 2021

Autumn 2021

Will Be announced January 2021

Winter 2021

Will Be announced January 2021


Community Learning Programmes


Atma is a local coordinator for Guru Ram Das Project (GRDP) a UK based Charity set-up with the primary aim of improving the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the community. Organizing outreach, community events, educational courses and and inter faith work to encourage harmony between and amongst communities. Client groups include the homeless, people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, domestic violence sufferers, young people with behavioral health and learning difficulties, older people, those living with HIV/AIDS and immune deficiency conditions and mental health clients.

For more info visit:


Atma also supports community interest organisations to deliver wellbeing courses designed for mental health, personal development and community involvement. She works locally, nationally and internationally to widen participation in wellbeing activities by people from rural, coastal and isolated communities.

Inclusive Yoga


Atma is committed to providing inclusive yoga. In her work she aims to create a supportive space for people with neurodiversity, the LGBTQ community, people of every race and socioeconomic status, and those in differently abled bodies. The founding principles in Atma’s work have evolved alongside her experience leading and teaching yoga and meditation practices within her local community and abroad. She has come to realise that there is a way through every barrier that may seemingly prevent people from marginalized populations against practicing and embracing yoga and meditation. These barriers may include financial accessibility, able-ism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and geographical availability. In response, Atma draws upon her practical experience, the philosophy of Yoga and the teachings of Austrian philosopher, Martin Buber who was best known for a form of existentialism focused on a relation of reciprocity and mutuality. This enables Atma to authentically meet the participant and introduce them to their personal relationship with Yoga practice.



In the Heart of Nature

You are invited to a very special woodland in the South West of Lincoln. This retreat is a time to reconnect to the natural rhythms of life. According to Yoga and Ayurveda wellbeing is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. In this way harmonizing ourselves with nature is essential for optimal health. On this retreat you are welcomed to a private sacred woodland to experience energising Kriya Yoga & Meditation, live music, open fires, vegetarian food, open hearts and laughter.

Kundalini Tantra

In the north-west corner of Corfu, with buildings graced with bougainvillea, Arillas is a small but soulful village. Here in a private sacred woodland Tristana and Atma will support you to explore the Tantric approach to living. Tantra is a rich and varied way to personal development which reconnects you to your true nature. During this retreat we will offer you a safe environment for you to understand and celebrate the full spectrum of your being. Exploring new ways to cultivate presence in daily life to feel abundance in the smallest things. Individuals and Couples are welcomed and respected.

Self-Care Retreats

 Self-Care Retreats are a unique opportunity for people to unwind, relax and learn about innovative, natural approaches to self–care. The course includes accommodation, organic vegan food, Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and talks on holistic approaches to self-care. 

You will stay in a beautiful retreat center in the heart of Lincolnshire. The retreat includes 3 daily vegetarian meals and tea breaks prepared with bio-dynamically grown vegetables and herbs from the center's 500 acre bio-dynamic farm or neighboring organic farms.​

Spring Retreat: 

TBC 2021

Summer Retreat: 

TBC 2021


Pilgrimage can mean various things such as embarking on a spiritual journey, walking with the poor, the oppressed, and refugees in their times of trial and visiting Holy sites. Atma has carefully designed these pilgrimages to inspire individuals and groups to deepen their connection to the spiritual life.  During a pilgrimage hearts and minds can be transformed forever, you can return home with a fresh inspired perspective and call to action. In collaboration with Sensory Traveller Holidays Atma offers three pilgrimages a year to Spain/Portugal, India and Japan. For more information please contact Atma via the contact page.

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