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Groups and Private Yoga Classes


Private Classes
Private Yoga Classes are a great opportunity to tailor classes to an individual’s specific needs and levels of ability. After an initial consultation, Atma chooses Kriyas to elevate the individual and also offers advice on developing a personal practice and lifestyle. Private classes provide are a supportive space to discuss any experiences, changes and challenges brought about through the practice. Sessions are offered in Central Lincoln and are usually 90 minutes in duration.

Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness Classes at Yoga Studio's: 

Tuesday mornings at Central Wellness Yoga Studio, Lincoln. To book visit:  https://www.centralwellness.uk/

Thursdays evenings at The Mind and Body Place, Wellingore. To book visit: https://thebodyandmindplace.co.uk/

Private Session Prices

​Private sessions are subject to availability at Bluebell Wood in Skellingthorpe. 




Vitality - A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop
This workshop helps us to develop tools to recognize stress in ourselves and others and to transform it and balance it with conscious relaxation. Kundalini Yoga prepares each of us to act with undaunted spirit, exalted calibre and character, and the vitality to cross every crisis. In this workshop we will look closely at how we react to, cope with and master our own vitality.


Summer: Yoga for Relationships Workshop
Venus Kriyas are partner yoga exercises and meditations. Unlike acrobatic yoga, this type of yoga is designed with the Soul purpose to bring couples, partners, friends and even strangers closer together through a unique application of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


Autumn: An Autumn Equinox Kundalini Mind and Meditation Workshop
During this workshop you will deepen your practice of meditation, by participating in collective and individual meditation sessions. You will explore the relationship to your own mind to realize your true nature and fulfil your potential. Learn to recognize the different functional parts of your mind, clear it of distractions and intrigues, and practice how to master your mind through meditations focused on your specific mental constitution.


Winter: Lifecycles and Lifestyles – A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop

During this workshop we will learn how we can better fulfil our potential if we can grow beyond the emotions and commotions of day-to-day life into a state of balance and clarity. A human being grows and matures through different stages of life defined by a dependable set of cycles. These cycles are built into the structure of the human body and human mind, and over centuries have been investigated by the yogic practitioners. Understanding these cycles and how they impact your life is a powerful aspect of Kundalini Yoga. This workshop will help you to discover these cycles and their impact on you, and to redefine, transform and redirect the influence of negative experiences in preceding cycles.


Community Learning Programmes


Atma is committed to working with community interest organisations to deliver wellbeing courses designed for mental health, personal development and community involvement. She works locally, nationally and internationally to widen participation in wellbeing activities by people from rural, coastal and isolated communities.

Courses include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness for Depression

  • Mindfulness for Anxiety

  • Philosophy of Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga for Beginners/Improvers

  • Kundalini Yoga for Beginners/Improvers

  • Yoga for Wellbeing

Inclusive Yoga


Atma is committed to providing inclusive yoga. In her work she aims to create a supportive space for people with neurodiversity, the LGBTQ community, people of every race and socioeconomic status, and those in differently abled bodies. The founding principles in Atma’s work have evolved alongside her experience leading and teaching yoga and meditation practices within her local community and abroad. She has come to realise that there is a way through every barrier that may seemingly prevent people from marginalized populations against practicing and embracing yoga and meditation. These barriers may include financial accessibility, able-ism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and geographical availability. In response, Atma draws upon her practical experience, the philosophy of Yoga and the teachings of Austrian philosopher, Martin Buber who was best known for a form of existentialism focused on a relation of reciprocity and mutuality. This enables Atma to authentically meet the participant and introduce them to their personal relationship with Yoga practice.



In the Heart of Nature

You are invited to a very special woodland in the South West of Lincoln. This retreat is a time to reconnect to the natural rhythms of life. According to Yoga and Ayurveda wellbeing is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. In this way harmonizing ourselves with nature is essential for optimal health. On this retreat you are welcomed to a private sacred woodland to experience energising and awakening Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, live music, open fires, vegetarian food, open hearts and laughter.

Kundalini Tantra

In the north-west corner of Corfu, with buildings graced with bougainvillea, Arillas is a small but soulful village. Here in a private sacred woodland Tristana and Atma will support you to explore the Tantric approach to living. Tantra is a rich and varied way to personal development which reconnects you to your true nature. During this retreat we will offer you a safe environment for you to understand and celebrate the full spectrum of your being. Exploring new ways to cultivate presence in daily life to feel abundance in the smallest things. Individuals and Couples are welcomed and respected.

The Art of Contemplation

This weekend retreat is offered from Friday evening to Sunday evening and provides an opportunity to deepen the practice of Contemplative prayer plus listen to presentations based upon St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night, a poem and accompanying commentary. This retreat includes three 1-hour contemplation periods daily. Most days are spent in grand silence when all are asked not to speak or make eye contact. Retreat leaders are available for support.


Pilgrimage can mean various things such as embarking on a spiritual journey, walking with the poor, the oppressed, and refugees in their times of trial and visiting Holy sites. Atma has carefully designed these pilgrimages to inspire individuals and groups to deepen their connection to the spiritual life.  During a pilgrimage hearts and minds can be transformed forever, you can return home with a fresh inspired perspective and call to action. In collaboration with Sensory Traveller Holidays Atma offers three pilgrimages a year to Spain/Portugal, India and Japan. For more information please contact Atma via the contact page.