The Inner Revolution

Atma is the founder of Pure Being. She holds teacher certifications in various lineages and styles of Yoga and Meditation. While loving all yoga paths, Kriya Yoga is her main focus. Atma teaches Yoga classes, workshops, hosts pilgrimages and is dedicated to researching, writing and speaking about ethical, philosophical and theological perspectives on Divine Love in action.


Yoga classes for people of all ages, abilities, and levels. An invitation to an intimate
relationship with peace.


Workshops are a great way to deepen your Yoga and meditation practice in a supportive
space of inquiry and practice.


Community learning courses include a range of health and wellbeing community based and outreach learning opportunities.

Atma is happy to be part of the revolution of yoga teachers who are socially aware, accessible and inclusive.



Reconnect mind, body and soul on retreats and Pilgrimages in worldwide destinations, from
Spain to India.

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